We believe in the transformative power of impact investing.

Cantera’s investments contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sectorial impacts. We aim to transform our sectors through deep tech:

  • In agribusiness by  increasing crop yields; and reducing costs.
  • In health & education: by increasing access and improving outcomes in healthcare and education delivery

Transversal impacts. The type of companies we are helping build and scale contribute towards gender equality, creating high quality jobs, generating innovation, and achieving more collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Gender Equality. Cantera has a gender balanced team at the management team, investment committee and advisory board levels. We actively seek diversity in our portfolio founders and teams. Some of the development goals we champion in our portfolio include improved women’s health, rural development and improved girls’ access to education, including STEM related fields.

Measuring Impact. Cantera evaluates and measures impact prior to investing and during the life of each investment. Our impact monitoring system is based on IRIS metrics.